Mermaid Mondays: Just Because!

Remember always being asked 'What are you are doing now?' and it was usually said, not really as a question but as an exasperation, because they couldn't really work it out! You felt you weren't really doing anything, you were just being!

Mermaids need time to think and to engage in new experiences, usually metaphysical! They can look as if they are really focussed on a physical activity, but really they have zoned out and are somewhere else completely.

So, here's to Mermaid Mondays :)

This image is taken from my Mermaid Diving into Life Cards, Deck 3: Mermaid Medicine. This deck consists of just over 30 Mermaid Medicine statements, written with the mermaid in mind!

This card is about the mermaids need to be. They don't always want to engage or enjoy over organised events with set agendas, sometimes they just want to float on a wave.

If you have a mermaid as a friend, you are lucky as they will show you the joy of being in the moment, of seeing the beauty in light that dances unnoticed by many. They will encourage you to play like a child, to try new experiences and to see in different ways.

They will ask you questions and encourage you to dive deep into your mind. The outcome is far reaching, whether you dance in the froth and foam, just because you can or reach for stardust, a mermaid will help you see more clearly under the waves of your usual existence.

If you are the mermaid - we praise you

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