Mermaid Mondays: The First Dive

Remember that song - rainy days and Mondays .... well now instead of feeling down in a sad way, you are invited to dive down deep in a good way by exploring some statements on some Mermaid Diving into Life Cards. Hopefully, instead of singing the blues they will help your spirits soar and your body and mind relax a little - the mermaid way!

So, here's to Mermaid Mondays :)

This image is taken from my Mermaid Diving into Life Cards, Deck 2: I Am Mermaid. This deck consists of just over 30 I am statements, written with the mermaid in mind!

This card is about how seriously mermaids take the concept of friendship and their deep seated desire to help another. They place huge importance on loyalty. This is serious business to them and they will deliver. Whatever your image of their ability or their aptitude, when it's time to dive they are in before you.

If you have a mermaid as a friend, you are very lucky as they will be there to play in the froth and foam, but they will also be there when the waves come in.

If you are the mermaid - we praise you!

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