An Interview with the Artist - Marco and the Mermaid

I've had many complementary comments about my book cover so I decided to share a little more about the artist behind the painting. Please enjoy.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I studied aeronautical engineering and specialised in computational fluid dynamics. However, over the years I have changed jobs several times, seeking a need to express myself creatively. Currently, I work in information technology and occasional as a photographer and as a digital artist, but my main interest is painting.

In the last 20 years I've expressed myself mainly through painting, developing my skill and enhancing my professionalism. Yet, there are times I still feel like a student totally charmed by light and it's spectacular show of colours, both subtle and intense. In fact, in many ways light is the main driver of my art. I love to explore it's evanescent effects, observing and rendering them with oil colours.

I became the President of a painter association called "Bottega dell'Arte" in 2008 and I also teach oil painting there in the evenings. The association is bound to Brianza, the hilly region in northern Italy where I work and live, but is active nationwide and in several European countries.

2. What was the inspiration behind the painting of the Mermaid?

About 15 years ago I painted a mermaid after being inspired by a beautiful sunset and a lady laying on the beach. This artwork had unexpected success due to the internet and was my first canvas to cross the ocean to the United States.

I love to paint landscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals and fantasies, but mermaids have become my favourite subject and is now considered my artistic brand. The mermaid is a wonderful way to represent the natural sensuality of woman and it also brings a sense of magic that I see behind many aspects of our everyday reality. This mixture of reality and vision is inspiring because it forces me, as the artist, to set my imagination to work and create something that goes beyond the photographic reference. It's also a technical challenge because I want to make what is really a fantasy appear almost real and certainly believable.

The painting of this mermaid offers an interesting concept as it's the reverse of the myth of Narcissus that falls in love with his reflection and then falls into the water and drowns.

Like the myth of Narcissus, this mermaid is in love with her reflection. ‘Who are you, beautiful creature?’ she asks as she tries to kiss herself. There is a powerful metaphor in this mermaid that might help the broken heart heal. Sometimes we are in love with an illusion, a reflection of ourselves that we want to see in another person, but it’s not real, rather we would feel better if we loved this part in ourselves. As such, this painting can be considered a trick of the light, which is the title of the artwork.

3. What did you think and how did you feel when you got Tonia’s request to have your mermaid on the front of her cover?

It's a great opportunity to spread my art. The image contains many metaphors that fit with the concepts expressed by Tonia, so hopefully, it's a lucky combination for both of us.

4. I hear Tonia is not the only person that fell in love with your mermaid! Tell us about where she is also on display?

The painting has been used for a decorated glass window in the Presidential Suite of the Renaissance Hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Many people have also purchased all kind of prints and reproductions over the internet, so she has travelled to many places.

5. I know that you can purchase T-shirts and other merchandise that celebrate the mermaid, can you tell us more?

Yes, prints, t-shirts, iPhone cases and many other products are available from my Fine Art America catalog - just print the link below.

6. If we want to know more about you where do we go?

You can go to my personal website

Thank you

Marco Busoni

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