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It has arrived - my 12th book!

A cool achievement from someone the teachers said may never be a fluent reader - and they were even less positive about my writing and the lisp.

But we are not stuck in time, we change. We are more than what others may see in us - for we have our own paths to make and our own dreams to achieve.

If you find you are struggling or that people misunderstand you, know that this is just a moment in time - a snap shot. Tomorrow is another day. The internet is full of stories of people that transform their experiences.

This book, Spiritual Leaders, is full of great stories, words of wisdom and inspiration from over 50 contributing authors. My chapter Planes and Trains is about our intuitive guidance system and the benefits of being aware of the influence of our internal landscape on our external experiences.

Many thanks to Lisa Hardwick, Katina Ferrell and the VIP team for all their hard work and dedication.

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