365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything

A Collaborative Book compiled by Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck

When I saw the opportunity to write about a life shift in a book with other authors, many I have written with before, I jumped at the chance. It also didn't take long to decide which shift I was to write about.

As Jodi explains, every so often, we have an experience that alters the course of our lives and changes who we are forever. Sometimes these moments fill us with rapture and flood us with insight. Other times, they are blessings in disguise that don't reveal their treasure until years later. However, when they show up, these moments can inspire us to live richer, deeper and more soulful lives. In this book, over 250 beautiful souls share such life-changing moments - experiences that inspired, uplifted, shook us to our core, got us back on track (or onto a new track altogether), and led us toward our true selves. The 365 inspiring stories include:

  • discovering your purpose,

  • experiencing a spiritual awakening,

  • leaving a job/relationship/home/religion to follow your soul's whispers,

  • bravely opening up to love,

  • receiving messages from beyond,

  • tapping into your inner strength,

  • finding the beauty and wisdom in all of life, even in the difficult moments,

  • and so much more

It is with great happiness I share the success of this book with you. It became a number one best seller in many categories as you can see from the picture.

However, it is also with great sadness that I also share that one of our authors and a Facebook friend sadly died recently and I would like to dedicate this post to her memory - Vicky Mitchell you take us to new heights. Thank you for the insights you shared in your chapter Learning to Love My Body and Myself. Vicky, along with many of us, believe that life is for living and for living well. Here's to the shifts that guide us and to the shifts that transform us, to the ones we design and to the ones that are given to us.

You can own your own copy through this link http://www.365lifeshifts.com/

and learn more at www.365lifeshifts.com.

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