Twenty-one unique and remarkable, highly-relatable, every-day women share their personal recipes, prayers, step-by-step guidelines, heartfelt stories and affirmations for unity and conciliation in The Peacemakers, a powerful new book by Transcendent Publishing. What the world needs now — more than ever, is precisely this sort of encouragement for ordinary and extraordinary people alike to embrace simple practices of self-compassion and love for others.

Peace starts within. We learn in these highly approachable pages that person-by-person, heart-centered living creates a ripple that builds a wave of kindness to uplift others and unify our communities. From an Angel Card Reader to Kindness Warrior, non-profit leader to Shamanic practitioner—entrepreneur to Interspecies Communicator, women from all walks of life awaken the spirit within us that is yearning to give peace a chance. Take a first step from these motivational voices by starting with some small illumination each and every day.

Look at this as a guidebook to restore hope within you and inspire you to shine your goodness in the world around you.


“This book couldn’t come at a better time in our history. A time when sadness and anger flow from the media, when negativity clutters up our news feeds, the authors of this compilation have come together to do their part to spread love and light to our planet. Blessed are the peacemakers, and blessed are all who have the pleasure of reading this compilation.”

~ Sunny Dawn Johnston, best-selling author of Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends,

“The Peacemakers is a soothing collection of soulful essays that reminds us of an essential truth—that peace starts from within. By sharing their thoughtful reflections on life’s lessons and practical tools for a pathway to a love-led life, these wise women invite us to open our hearts and minds to a new way of being. Truth and comfort lie within these pages.”

~Christine Sheehy, Messaging Coach & Author


Available via Ingram, and

To order directly from the publisher, please contact

P.O. Box 66202 St. Pete Beach, FL 33736

PH: (800) 232-5087

Fax: (727) 897-8088

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