I am just reading a book that has been on my shelf for ages; The Road to Optimism: Change Your Language – Change Your Life! by Dr J Mitchell Perry.

Like so many books before, it jumped off the shelf and ceremoniously showed me that it was time to read it.

As I headed to the airport with the book in my luggage and the affirmation that it would be read by the time I returned, I was delighted to turn the first few pages and see that it was written with humour. As had happened so many times before, again, due to timing, I did not have to read it – it read me.

It is easy reading and when you look at the date of first publication (1997) it probably was and is powerful stuff. A lot of it I have heard before, but it is a good and timely reminder to place key ideas at the front of your priority list again for a while. Some parts of the book for me are also a different slant on something I have heard before and I can actually hear the penny go ‘click!’

There is a section in the book that discusses people’s innocent questions to you and your choice as to whether to let the seeds of their doubt sprout or to vanish them before they hit your soil. This section made me ponder on some of my choices and whether they were mine, or I allowed other people’s seeds grow and flourish.

As a consequence I have just revisited some of my earlier goals, taken them back off the shelf and have dusted them down again. I will once more see if they are still my goals; left unrealised by doubt of success that I accepted so readily from others. It is my intention to shine some new light on them and either focus on them again or place them back on the shelf knowing it was I who did so.

What ideas and hopes would you take off the shelf and revisit again if you were to discover it wasn’t really you who placed them there in the first place?

I have placed a beautiful vase of flowers mentally in the space where my unrealised dreams and hopes were placed. I have dusted down the shelf with love and new insight.

Another book, like a friend who chatted with me for a short time, but who changes my life for ever.

Maybe, like the magical tropical island I see in front of me, my shelf of unrealised dreams are not mine alone but the combination of unrealised dreams of my time. I have learnt that we are not ‘an island’ but a combination of all that came before and all there is. So, to all those that took their dreams and realised them, and all those that will, thank you – you have given me the inspiration to do the same.

Thank you


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