SPIRITUAL SEAS: Diving into Life 

Tired of struggling to stay afloat, feeling blue or generally all at sea?

Switch channels and let life support you to ride the crest of your waves with a smile.


Spiritual Seas: Diving into Life is about Tonia’s diving adventures and how the sea provided opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. In these pages you will encounter whale sharks, dolphins, starfish and turtles. You will discover how one person used a range of strategies to overcome the challenges of her early childhood and turned her life around. 


Being told as a child she may never be a fluent reader, Tonia is delighted to share 12 strategies to support life shifts for you in this transformational book. Spiritual Seas offers you reflections, lessons, exercises and a space to journal. She encourages the commitment from you so you can learn the ropes at a rate of knots.

Spiritual Seas offers you a unique metaphor for the journey of self-growth.

Prepare yourself for a marvelous journey as you navigate the pages of this powerful book. 



Dr. Patricia Crane 

Author of Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations
Master Trainer, Heal Your Life® programs



Are You Ready to Dive into your own Life?


Having stood on the platform of life for so long, I finally dived in. I am excited to share my story and strategies I used to gain confidence and to encourage change.


I look forward to connecting with you through my writing.

I am also happy to introduce you to some amazing people that played a positive part in my life. Their products and services could be just what you are looking for.


Are you ready to ride the waves of your life with more enjoyment and confidence?